WHO publishes plans to establish a tuberculosis vaccine 

The Council will facilitate the licensing and use of effective new TB vaccines, catalyzing an excessive alignment

among funders, international companies, governments and end-users to discover and overcome barriers to TB vaccine 

As countries boldly commit to ending TB by 2030, building on dreams of sustainable development, the WHO End TB 

 Pathway and 2018 Political Declaration on Fighting TB, the epidemic shows no signs of slowing down.

 Drug resistance remains a major problem, with approximately 1/2 1,000,000 humans developing drug-resistant tuberculosis every 12 months.

While it offers moderate efficacy in preventing excessive types of TB in infants and young children, it does not accurately defend adolescents and adults

A latest WHO-commissioned review, A Financing Case for New Tuberculosis (TB) Vaccines, estimates that, over 25 years,

 Five million deaths, forty two million publications of antibiotic remedies and US$6.5 billion in costs faced by families affected by TB

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