This Viral Tweet May Encourage You To Follow A Healthy Weight Loss Program In 2023

Lately, we have seen a growing trend towards healthy eating and physical exercise, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives.

 In the year 2023, everyone seems to be starting a new eating plan in an attempt to adjust.

From keto and paleo to Mediterranean and vegan, a number of different diets 

and eating practices have emerged and many have followed them to gradually move towards their intent. 

But have you ever noticed that diet culture these days is all about consuming healthier foods, including whole grains, vegetables, and fruits

 that we used to gobble up before the substantial binge on junk foods? 

A Twitter user currently weighed in on this issue via a post that has gone viral. 

“Society eats so much junk food that eating real food counts in the weight loss plan,”

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