The planetary crisis is affecting intellectual aptitude

As the arena grapples with the triple planetary crises of alternative climate, loss of nature and biodiversity, and pollutants and waste

Recent research from the United States Environment Program (UNEP) and colleagues shows that everything from a changing 

Climate to noise, air, and chemical pollution influences people's mental health.

“A healthy environment is not just a key ingredient for human health. and well-being, but also a basis for One Health

 Because the health of humans, animals, vegetation and the environment and broader ecosystems are closely related and intertwined”, 

Says Cristina Zucca, who coordinates the work on pollution, environment environment and physical state.

At UNEP. “This requires movement at the male or female and political levels to create a healthy environment that promotes mental fitness.”

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on October 10, we'll dig into 4 key issues affecting mental health 

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