The Chinese to reject cigarettes and alcohol and flock to pharmacies

China's drug retail revenue rose 43 percent in December 2022, the month that COVID-19 cases peaked in the neighboring United States

 according to recently released records from the National Office of Medicine. Statistics (NBS). From December 8, 

January 12, 2023, China recorded 59,938 deaths from COVID-19, said Jiao Yahui, director of the clinical

The figures provided by the NBS do not differentiate between revenue from traditional medicines

 promoting traditional Chinese remedies and natural tablets have found a surge in demand as cases of COVID-19 began to emerge 

 Pills like Lianhua Qingwen are formulations of traditional medicines. and they are below traditional Chinese medicines

MTC) practice in China. Lianhua Qingwen was encouraged by the Chinese government in the early days of the pandemic.

 the clinical affairs branch of the national health commission

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