Sweating comes in many forms, especially when it comes to high-intensity training.

"Normally there are some weights involved, there may be some speed training involved

 but it's something that will get your heart rate up very, very fast, quick recovery

But increasing motivation to exercise isn't always easy. The good news is that shorter bursts of intense exercise

The study compared 90 minutes of low-intensity cycling, six minutes of vigorous cycling, a 20-hour fast, and a combination of exercise and fasting.

He found that the shorter, more intense workout was four to five times more effective. 

hat's because it increases what are called 'BDNF' levels in the blood. 

"BDNF promotes the survival of brain neurons, maturation development, memory formation and everything else. Basically, it gives you a longer life

said the director of the Center for Brain Research. of the University of Auckland, Sir Richard Faull.

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