Simple Dumbbell Exercises for Seniors

No matter what your age, exercising with dumbbells is a good way to stay in shape. That said, free weight exercises do offer a number of benefits for seniors specifically. 

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Upper Body

 Overhead press for the shoulder  Bent-over rows for the back of the shoulder  Front raise for the shoulders and back muscle

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 Arm curl for the biceps (the front of the arms)  Triceps extension for the triceps (the back of the arms)

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Lower Body

 Shoulder squat for the thighs, hips, and buttock Forward lunge for the thighs, hips, and buttock

The Importance of Rest

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Rest for at least one full day (24 hours) between strength training sessions. Once you start building strength and stamina, aim to do three to four sessions per week. 

Tips for Injury-Free Weight Training

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When first starting, you will probably feel a little soreness in the muscles and maybe even the joints. Most of the aches should subside within a day or two and will continue to get easier with each ensuing session. If something hurts, stop exercising and lower your weights. Replace any water lost through sweat with either water or an electrolyte sports drink.