Scarf launches e-book on intellectual aptitude among young people

The Schizophrenia Research Foundation (Scarf) released an e-book on the intellectual health of young people 

Minors Accessing Intellectual Aptitude (JAMS), for child care institutions on Friday.

The JAMS e-book, which contains records on children's intellectual health and well-being, was launched with the help of S.

 While Hannah contacted the helpline, she said she explained she didn't want to be alive anymore, but was advised to "think happy and read a book

Before the staff member blamed her for "no longer seeking help". . yourself" and end the decision.

Hannah says that she went to A&E herself, a choice that she believes could also have saved her life from being sectioned.

South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation agree that she apologized and announced that Hannah's calls

Fewer than one in six trusts that responded to the BBC's request for information said their entire frontline disaster workforce 

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