Researchers find sudden dangers for COVID-19 infection + considerable protection from diet D

In a new study, researchers found that wearing face masks and taking vitamin D reduced the chances of COVID-19 infection.

In addition, they discovered several characteristics, along with male gender, younger age, B blood group

and larger family size, that accelerated the danger of contamination.

A new paper in Biology Techniques and Protocols, published with the help of Oxford College Press, investigated risk factors

and protections against contracting COVID-19, and also for those affected by COVID excess

The researchers identified numerous traits, including male gender, younger age, B blood center, and large family size

 that increased the possibility of contamination and many other characteristics, including the use of sports masks and the use of nutrition. D, which reduced it.

They also diagnosed things that multiplied or reduced the risk of a severe course of COVID-19. Several of these findings are unexpected.

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