Nutritional Myths Experts Would Like To Bust

Soy milk may increase the risk of breast cancer. Fat-free ingredients are healthier than high-fat ingredients. 

Some false thoughts about vitamins seem to linger in the American subculture like a horrible tune stuck in your head.

To set the report on the spot, we asked 10 of the top nutrient professionals in the US one simple question

This is what they said. Despite the long-held notion that "clean is exceptional," research has 

found that frozen, canned, and dried vegetables can be just as nutritious as their frothy counterparts.

They can also be a money saver and an easy way to make sure there are always culminations and vegetables

Sara Bleich, outgoing director of vitamin safety and health equity at the US Agriculture Branch. USA and Professor 

A word of caution: Some canned, frozen, and dried types contain sneaky substances like sugars, saturated fat, and sodium

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