MRI for metabolism, methylation and mitochondrial characteristic

The biochemistry of the framework is excellent, and technology is increasingly revealing the role that nutrition plays in it.

By considering this, we can begin with the mysterious world of methylation  Billions of times every second

 Our bodies transport methyl groups into our DNA. They are made up of three hydrogen atoms and one carbon

They are involved in what is known as epigenetics, which is the expression of each gene. 

 At the same time that the code of the gene seems immutable, the expression of the gene itself is quite malleable.

 A dimming move, where you can change the brightness of a light. Furthermore, the expression of a selected gene (and how it affects our functioning

Methylation is critical for gene expression for multiple reasons. It can repair the "wear and tear" that occurs to our DNA 

It is particularly important because our bodies are exposed to a myriad of toxins in the environment that we often cannot detect or prevent.

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