Most horrible relationship of coexistence for your mental health

Even in the year 2023, long-term relationships are frowned upon in our societies, and most couples who are brave enough to stay together live in metropolitan cities

In a small town, it is almost impossible to live with your partner unless you act like you are married, similar to what we see in Bollywood movies. 

 This shows just how divided our society is on issues like long-term relationships, premarital sex, and fundamental freedom of choice.

Every couple dating or dating has a different angle on how this love has affected their lives.

While some are excited about this, others are not. Dr. Malini Saba, a psychologist, human rights

Moving in with her spouse before marriage offers a trial duration. You can recognize a person much better when you stay with him because you research more about his daily training.

while you spend a few hours in the afternoon with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you usually make the most of that time and behave well with others.

They stay together, things become real and not always pleasant anymore.

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