LDL cholesterol accumulates in the heart.

What we now know has been clinically proven that refined grains are bad for heart health. 

In fact, an observation of 2099 Iranians has shown that the consumption of subtle grains (ground into flour or ground to improve shelf life)

 associated with an increased risk of premature coronary artery disease.

This indicates a buildup of LDL cholesterol in the artery walls, causing them to narrow before age 55 in men and age 65 in women

 Whole grain intake, on the other hand, is associated with a lower risk of premature coronary heart disease.

“Eating subtle grains is similar to eating sugars and oils. This is because removing the bran and fiber

will increase the glycemic index of the grains. There must be an effort to reduce the amount

 simple carbohydrates in the diet, particularly when carbohydrates make up a totally excessive proportion of our diet

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