Is it the Flu, COVID or a Cold?

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If your throat starts itching or you feel fatigued, how are you supposed to know what virus you have? 


COVID-19 and the common cold are different, and passing COVID-19 onto a family member can have more severe consequences than passing along a milder coronavirus that causes the common cold, 

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All signs point to a troubling flu season, with the total number of people hospitalized by the week ending on Oct. 29 higher than every year prior at this point in the season as far back as the 2010-2011 flu season 


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COVID-19 also remains a threat in the US, with roughly 350 deaths in the US per day. Because of COVID-19's potential to be deadly for some people, you should isolate while you feel sick or until you get your results from a COVID-19 test, 


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Symptoms of COVID-19, the flu, the common cold and RSV commonly overlap in adult?


Though COVID-19, influenza and colds are all caused by different viruses, many of their symptoms overlap. Though COVID-19, influenza and colds are all caused by different viruses, many of their symptoms overlap. 

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What are common symptoms of the flu and COVID-19?


Many respiratory illnesses start with similar symptoms.  – Fever  – Cough – Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath  – Sore throat

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If you feel sick with any of these symptoms, it's best to isolate yourself right away. You can spread the flu and COVID-19 one day after being infected. 


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Remember that COVID-19 isn't only a respiratory illness -- it can also affect a number of other systems in the body, including the heart, brain and nerves 


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What are the most common symptoms of COVID-19 right now? 


Zoe reports the following top five symptoms in people who've had two vaccines:  – Sore throat – Runny nose – Blocked nose – Persistent cough – Headache