Innovative sports that can increase your intellectual health

Drawing, painting, playing music, and writing are innovative and fun hobbies that can make us feel good.

Creativity does more than just honestly influence our mood, but as much research shows, engaging in innovative sports

In this article, we'll explain how innovative sports can improve your mental health and discover apps that can help you tap into your creativity.

You'll discover many brilliant coloring eBook apps on Android, but one of the best to help your mental health is color therapy.

 Color Remedy allows users to color by number or color snapshots freely while listening to a jukebox playlist.

 It's also a social app, which means you can follow and connect with other artists,

As  well as participate in situations that demand color. Sketchbook is an expressive drawing app that is available for all skill levels. I

It is widely available on computers, cell phones, and tablets. 

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