Mass viewing of famous programs 4 consumption styles related to reducing the risk of premature death

There is a variety of dietary advice available, however the science linking food and fitness is not straightforward.

 A new study on the subject is one of the most comprehensive yet, identifying

By analyzing the eating patterns of 119,315 people over 36 years, the researchers compared the patterns

 the Commercial Mediterranean Eating Plan, the Weight Loss Plan Index based in healthy plants and the Alternative Healthy Eating

Strict adherence to at least those models reduced the risk of premature death for any reason and of cardiovascula

While the diets differ, they all consist of whole grains, culmination, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

That's in line with the DGA, the researchers say: advice that proposes a healthier eating style to shape personal

Nutritional Advice for Individuals aims to provide technology-based, fully nutritional advice that promotes 

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