High cholesterol can cause stroke, heart attack

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 18.6 million deaths a year, says Dr. Mohit Tandon, non-invasive consultant 

cardiologist at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Okhla, New Delhi, adding that it is the cause of 75% of deaths

 people low and middle income. international revenue locations, including India. 

 While there are numerous risk factors, high LDL cholesterol is critical. Let's find out what LDL cholesterol is, how it affects heart health

 steps to take to keep your cholesterol levels in check. LDL cholesterol, a waxy, fat-like substance produced with the help

 of your body (liver) and partially absorbed from food, is needed to make cell membranes, insulate nerves

 and produce hormones and nutrients, says the Dr Tandon. But, while in excess, horrible cholesterol 

LDL (low-density lipoprotein) can be deposited in the arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes.

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