Flu hobby declines, falls below peak of peak seasons

The number of flu-related deaths continues to rise in Indiana, even as fewer patients are arriving at emergency departments and urgent care centers.

Officials say 94 people have died from the flu so far this season. There are 21 more deaths than those that were said within the previous week.

Of the deaths this season, the majority occurred in people 65 and older. So far, there have been 2 pediatric flu deaths in Indiana.

Nationally, there have been 74 pediatric deaths across the country.

Nationwide, there were 18,954 people admitted to hospitals with influenza in the past week.

 This is the 1/3 of the week that hospitals have a visible decrease in hospitalizations for influenza.

While hospitalizations are declining, the CDC reports that the cumulative hospitalization rate became three. 

However, it was still less than late-season hospitalization rates for the four seasons prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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