Eating Almonds Daily Boosts Exercise Recovery Molecule by 69% Among ‘Weekend Warriors’

A randomized controlled trial in Frontiers in Nutrition confirmed that male and female participants who ate 57 g 

of almonds daily for one month had more useful fat, 12, thirteen-dihydroxy-9Z-octadecenoic acid (12, thirteen-DiHOME)

 than their blood Without delaying after a consultation of excessive exercise than to manipulate the members.

This molecule, known as oxylipin (oxidized fat), is synthesized from linoleic acid by brown adipose tissue 

Correspondence writer Dr. David C Nieman, professor and director of Appalachia Rural University's Human General Performance Laboratory at the North Carolina Research Campus

Here we show that volunteers who ate up to 57 g of almonds per day for a month before a single "weekend warrior" exercise session had more benefits 12

thirteen-DiHOME in the blood immediately after training than control volunteers also reported feeling less fatigue and tension

more energy in the legs and lower back, and less muscle damage after exercise than the manipulated volunteers.”

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