Early retirement may accelerate cognitive decline

Plamen Nikolov, an assistant professor of economics, and Shahadath Hossain, a doctoral student in economics

each from Binghamton University, tested the New China Rural Pension Scheme (NRPS) and the China Longitudinal Retirement 

and Fitness Survey (CHARLS). ) to determine how retirement plans affect cognitive abilities. overall performance among plan participants.

CHARLS, a nationally representative survey of people aged forty-five years and older in the Chinese-speaking population

immediately examines cognition with a focus on episodic memory and components of intact mental reputation.

the elderly population has become the largest demographic group in Asia and Latin America, creating a pressing need for new sustainable pension systems.

However, Nikolov's research indicates that such retirement plans will have fortuitous downstream results.

In a new note, Nikolov's team indicates that the right of access to retirement plans may play an important role in explaining cognitive decline at later ages.

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