Does cardio definitely kill your gains?

If you follow your local gym brother's fitness recommendation, you've probably heard the idea that even reaching for an aerobic

While this is no longer the case, the parable does have some merit. machine can make your hard-earned muscle gains disappear in a single day.

There are a few studies, each supporting or denying the perceived results of cardiovascular education on energy gains.

 All of this conflicting information can actually leave you in a tailspin when it comes to making plans for your weekly regimens.

 The best answer, clearly, lies in how you set up your education,   It is no longer as simple as many would like it to be

 As well as some guidelines on how to effectively include cardio training in your normal energy regimens.

The framework has pathways for cell metabolism and boom: the mTOR pathway and the AMPK pathway. 

One of the best medical methods to show how aerobic exercise can derail muscle growth is to look at the movement pathways that cause your body to adapt. 

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