Deficit of 80% of documents specialized in physical fitness  CHC

CHCs are 30-bed block level health centers that can be ideally imagined to offer basic care related to surgical treatment,

The report indicates that there is a shortage of medical specialists, in addition to surgeons (83.2%), obstetricians

nd gynecologists (74.2%), physicians (79.1%) and pediatricians (81.6%).

There are 6,064 CHCs across India and the Ministry of Fitness has not met the requirement of expert doctors

most of those centers. This is despite the reality that in 2005 the number of medical professionals 

 which has shown a 25% increase to 4,485 in 2022. But, with the wide variety of HCC on the rise,

the need for specialist doctors needed Making intentional centers has also accelerated. 

 "The demand for professional doctors in CHCs has multiplied by 63.8%, while the actual number of experts in the position

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