Could Mushrooms Be the Drug to sooner or later therapy eating disorders?

He first time Sophia Anderson tripped on psychedelic mushrooms, she was 16 years vintage.

 It took place in past due 2020, inside the coastal jungle near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and everything were her mom’s concept.

Beneath the influence, Anderson felt dazed and oddly cozy — which changed into disconcerting. For the previous few years

her life had revolved round desperately and meticulously preserving the carefully constructed fact inner her head.

Signs of Anderson’s consuming ailment began to emerge whilst she was 14.

After making the reduce for the dance application at the acting-arts academy she attended in Phoenix, Arizona, Anderson threw herself into training.

Over the subsequent couple months, she grew more and more fixated on her frame and evolved a sample of now not best limiting foods

first her Halloween-candy haul, then entire meals corporations — however exercising constantly

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