Blood pressure control may also delay alternative renal therapy.

The use of intensive blood pressure control in patients on CKD 4-5 levels may also delay the initiation of renal replacement therapy, 

“The council on global outcomes improving kidney disease recently changed its recommendation to treat all CKD patients

with a target clinical systolic blood pressure of [less than] 120 mmHg 

the kidney's blood pressure hospital is measured with a standardized meter. 

 method,” wrote Elaine Ku, MD, MAS, of the departments of medication and pediatrics within the divisions of nephrology 

 the University of California, and associates. “So far, there is an inadequate range of medical trials designed to fully evaluate blood pressure

 populations with a very high probability of progression to [kidney failure requiring replacement therapy] KFRT or death, 

stage four or 5 or extreme disease. albuminuria, despite the fact that some high-risk people have been protected in selected trials.

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