AI for the triage of patients with chest pain

AI could also help improve care for patients presenting to the health center with acute chest pain

, according to a study published in Radiology. In our experience, our deep learning AI model

 the first to use chest X-rays to identify patients with acute chest pain who need immediate medical attention

 the trial's lead author. , Márton Kolossváry, MD, PhD, radiology fellow at the Massachusetts General Sanitarium (MGH) in Boston.

Acute chest pain syndrome can include tightness, burning, or other pain in the chest or severe pain

that spreads to the back, neck, shoulders, hands, or jaw. You may continue to have trouble breathing.

Acute chest pain syndrome accounts for more than 7 million emergency department visits annually in the US

Less than eight percent of patients are identified with the three major cardiovascular causes of acute chest pain syndrome

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