Age is a way of thinking: humans can't agree on age and youth

A 90-year-old grandmother has explained her secrets and her techniques to look twenty years younger.

Fitness enthusiast Edna Giordano may have also shared her simple fitness and lifestyle tips that keep her looking youthful.

She sticks to a simple exercise that she repeats every day, which includes weights, yoga and gardening

which she started in the mid-60s after realizing she didn't want to lose her mobility and energy 

 as she grew older. got old she was getting old she was getting old. In addition to her simple dumbbells and her usual cardio

 Edna spends as much time as possible outdoors tending to her vegetable garden and her flower beds.

Her daughter, Dalyce Radtke, 58, has captured clips of her mother's implausible appearance and mobility

Edna can be seen performing various yoga poses and Pilates fitness activities

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