Top 8 Gym Machines Every Woman Should Know About

8. Smith Machine The return to weight lifting after an injury can be difficult, but this device may help. 

7. Water Rower. “I rowed with my friends last night,” says Jordan. “It’s a great workout! When done properly it is an metabolic 

6. Glute Machine Usually, people use this machine to target their glutes. Some have an exerciser stand and lift weights backwards  

5. Hack Squat The toning machine offers a great way for women to work out from the waist down.  

4. Treadmill The treadmill is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories quickly. 

3. Stationary Bike The stationary bike is an excellent way to work up a sweat and get in shape. 

2. Seated Reverse Fly Machine Jordan says the reverse fly is a great exercise for people who spend lots of time at their desks. 

1.  Pull-Up Assist. The pull-up is a versatile exercise that’s often thought of as only being able to do by yourself 

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